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At Imago Studio, we’ve got the experience to make you look your best. Any photographer can take your picture—our goal is creating a photograph that captures the essence of who you are. We want to give you photos you can be proud of—because everyone deserves a great photo.

Imago is a photo studio with a purpose: Capturing life’s most important moments. Imago is from the latin word for “image”, and our goal is to capture images that will captivate and bring a smile to your face. Many people of faith believe that man and woman were made in the Imago Dei  or ‘image of God’—people of infinite beauty and value. Our goal as photographers is to capture that beauty and worth in a way that highlights and celebrates all of the unique attributes that make us human.

Our world is increasingly becoming a photographic one; and we are inundated with photos everywhere. Many people feel the photograph is losing it’s impact, but we think there’s something more. A truly good photograph is one that not only captures the details of our lives, but also captures the emotion of our life’s most important moments.

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